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Shanghai Boyun Supply Chain Management Co., LTD.

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With the artificial intelligent, unmanned era coming, Industries are being redefined. Seeking development and acceleration has always been a common goal of port, shipping and security industry. 

Shanghai Boyun Supply Chain Management Co., LTD. ("Shanghai Boyun"),as the operator of China ports website (""), has been a solution provider for intelligent port construction and intelligent radar security system.

China ports website


China ports website cooperates with China Economic Information Service and Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership ("BREIP").

16 million IP 

Over 40 million PV

Over 160,000 registered user

The website has also built the domestic mainstream media channel matrix,providing the port and shipping industry media services to support enterprises’ market credibility and guidance force improvement.

Shanghai Boyun provides smart port construction plan and mature applied technology products, takes smart production as the construction core, and extends to "ICT infrastructure construction, smart management, smart service and smart logistics" to build a complete smart port system structure. 

smart port system structure

The integration of container terminal operating system (CITOS), general cargo terminal operating system (GCTOS), intelligent Gate (i-gate), intelligent Yard (acs-yard), refrigerated container data tracking system and other technological products are also services available of Shanghai Boyun.

China's security industry has entered a new stage. Shanghai Boyun deeply subdivides the industry market, launches the intelligent radar security system solution, and practically solves the enterprise security demand. Its products include:

short-range directional warning radar

mobile FOD radar

fixed FOD radar

perimeter radar

fog penetrating camera


Shanghai Boyun takes advantages of unique technologies to bear social responsibility, and provides the core products along the "One Belt And One Road", including but not limited to upholding the protection of "China's interests", and escorting Chinese enterprises or projects in South Asia, Africa and other countries.

In this new type of business, the smart port and intelligent security industry are facing new opportunities. Shanghai Boyun will work along with all the major ports, shipping and security enterprises to make joint efforts and pursure win-win results to create a new height for the industry.

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