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Technological Application

CiTOS 7.0集装箱智能码头操作系统

• Advanced and mature technical framework;• Efficient and intelligent optimization algorithms;• Based on PDMA3 management model;• Provide professional solutions for the operation and management of container terminals.


• Achieve high automation and intellectualization of the yard;• Provide you with one-stop solutions;• Safety, reliability, efficiency and intelligence;• Make the yard smarter.


• Replaced traditional manual transcription;• Real-time monitoring and abnormal alarm of refrigerators;• Save time and effort;• To escort cold chain transport.


• Real-time global blind location of ships;• Not limited by geographical scope anymore;• Not restricted by shore-based AIS signals anymore;• Enhancing visual tracking of logistics.


• It is specially designed for the management automation of container truck passage.• Integrating RFID, intelligent identification, information and automatic control system;• Carry out automatic weight collection, container number photography recognition, container photography, electronic license plate recognition, etc.
• Promoting the Intelligent Transition of Ports.


• One-step terminal realizes the unified communication of data, voice and video.• Construction of a wireless communication highway;• Improving the efficiency of port production and operation.


• Break the time limit and geographical limit;• To help enterprises seamlessly integrate with global trade;• Paperless era, EDI has brought about a structural business revolution.