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Product introduction

Advanced Technical Architecture

The system adopts multi-layer architecture to support cloud deployment. The architecture is advanced, mature, stable, reliable and expandable.  It can be deployed in a single terminal and also supports multi-terminal deployment.

Perfect Business Model

The system establishes the business model of "TQMI+BT+BR", realizes the modeling, visualization of business logic management and the customization of business rules, and improves the adaptability and functional extensibility of the system for the terminal business.

Efficient Intelligent Algorithm

The system imports genetic algorithm, dynamic hierarchical greedy algorithm, fuzzy algorithm, optimal matrix algorithm, neural network and other professional algorithms to improve the intelligence of the system, achieve higher efficiency and more accurate calculation results.

Innovative Management Ideas

Based on ERP, C4I and project management experience, PDMA3 management idea of container terminal operation was formed.

Genetic Algorithm

Automatic Berth Assigning

Realize automatic berth assigning of vessels according to pre-declared time, vessel size and planned operation quantity.

Dynamic Hierarchical Greedy Algorithm


Automatic CWP

Automatically complete vessel stowage and generate quay crane plan according to export plan, data of inside yard containers and pre-stowage plan.

Fuzzy Reasoning Algorithm

i-Dispatching of tractor

Automatic Dispatching

Based on prime route, realize i-dispatching of tractors and automatic yard dispatching with no-plan range.

Neural Network Algorithm

Visual Recognition

Realize real-time recognition of container number and truck plate number in pictures and monitoring videos.

Optimized Matrix Algorithm

Dispatching of Yard Equipment

Automatic Matching Empty Container

Realize i-dispatching of yard operation and dispatching management of empty containers inside yard.

Support multi-language

One key switch between local language and English version.

Improve operation efficiency

Reduce production cost

High ROI

Improve enterprise management and control capability

Reduce IT maintenance difficulty

Enhance terminal information security

Protect user’s investment value

Assist enterprise strategy implementation

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