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Product introduction


Pick-up/Delivery Booking

Vanning/Devanning Booking

Cleaning/Repair Booking

Inspection Booking

Auxiliary Operation Booking


Warehouse-in/out Booking

Package Changing Booking

Transfer Booking


In-yard Container Management

Container Movement Management

Damaged Container Management

Dangerous Container Management

Container Holding Management

OOG Management

Reefer Management

PTI Management


Yard Defining

Yard Layout

Intelligent Planning:

Gate Delivery Planning

Train Discharging /Loading Planning

Empty Container Transport Planning

Container Shifting Planning

Equipment Operation Area Planning

Statistic Analysis:

In-yard Container Qty.

Picked-up Container Qty.

Delivered Container Qty.

Dangerous Container Qty.


Inspection Operation Volume

Miscellaneous Operation Volume

Truck Driver Workload

Crane Driver Workload

Train Loading

Train Discharging

Yard Utilization Rate

Cargo Space Utilization Rate


Powerful expansibility and portability

Efficient operation and maintenance method

Designed by experts with rich experience

System functions are close to actual business

Graphical management method

Excellent interactive mode

Reduce operation costs

Increase productivity

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