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Product introduction

Generally speaking, shore-based AIS relies on the AIS base station built near the port terminal to obtain the signal information from the ship AIS to locate the position of the ship, and the signal can only covers 50 nautical miles. Satellite AIS relies on the AIS base station established on the satellite to obtain resources, and the signal can cover the whole world. Compared with shore-based AIS, satellite AIS can also be used to monitor in real time for vessels in offshore shipping, and for vessels that cannot be covered by shore-based signals in domestic trade. China port network ship tracking satellite has faster update speed and more accurate data in ship inspection.

Advantages: base stations are installed throughout the country and even the world, which realize the ship and goods binding, display complete transport information; they can also provide historical cargo contract, historical voyage inquiry and analysis, and achieve the integrity and traceability of historical information; enable real-time display of the ship's navigation dynamics, so as to achieve monitoring of the whole process of ship navigation; they also enable chart, map and satellite map integration, and achieve flexible switching of three types of map; provide offshore information, tide, air pressure, wind, wave height, visibility and other information, help ships safe navigation and operation; provide WeChat version of ship management system function, help enterprises to carry out micro service, brand promotion, and enhance the influence of the industry.

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