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Product introduction

HD-RFMS, the reefer container data acquisition and monitoring system, bring you a sci-fi movie-like intelligent experience by the cutting-edge information technology. It substitutes manual inputting, realizes real-time monitoring and alarm for exceptions of reefer containers, thereby efficiently helping save manpower and cost, and guaranteeing safety of cold-chain transportation.

Substitute manual inputting,

Satisfy customer demands by innovative wisdom

Real-time data acquisition and transmission

HD-RFMS intelligently monitors, collects and transmits data for you in real time.

Save manpower

Support remote real-time monitoring which not only helps save manpower on site, but also master all-round data in no time.

Keep working even in bad weather conditions

HD-RFMS is of IP67 dustproof and waterproof quality, which guarantees it able to work normally in bad environmental conditions, and reduces safety risks of staff.

Data backup

It can automatically collect and store data of the reefer container, support the statistical data backup, and trace back the historical data.

Equipment security protection

The collector is protected by an air connector, which can be disconnected automatically when the plug is forgotten to be pulled out, thereby preventing the terminal and reefer container from being damaged.

Real-time alarm

Dynamically display the key data, and alarm for the exceptional cases in real-time.

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